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All spaniels looking for a forever home are or will be neutered/spayed, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.  

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Unfortunately Sonny has to come back to Spaniel Assist due to his unpredictable behaviour .
He has been with his Forever Fanily for 16 months and as much as they are heartbroken they feel that this is not the right home for Sonny .

We sent an IMDT Behaviourst out to assess Sonny at the beginning of the year , and the family had hoped that they could work with him but sadly he is reacting out of fear and nervousness in some situations which they can’t cope with .

Sonny is a 27 month old working Cocker ( Orange Roan ) a very unusual handsome boy .
He was neutered last year and is due a booster but due to the current situation this is on hold .

Sonny will need a child free foster , no dogs or cats due to his nervousness .
Adults only that are prepared to work with him and give him time to adapt and settle .

He enjoys his walks if he doesn’t encounter other dogs , loves playing in the garden and will play catch and fetch with a ball .

Sonny can be a very friendly playful boy , he loves to roll around the floor with you and play which is initiated by him .
He enjoys learning new tricks to gain a food reward and will greet you happily with a toy .

He does not like to be groomed and is very unsure about being brushed too , although his owner has been working on this .

He will need more work on the lead and with recall as this is still a work in progress .

Sonny is house and crate trained and is ok to be left , but if he can see you in another room he will cry to come to you .

Last November Sonny did bite the 14 year old son in his home ( mum and dad were out at the time )
Then in January this year he bit the husband when they were trying to put ear drops in his ears , reacting out of fear no doubt .
Sonny has also lunged on some other occasions but has not bitten .

Can you work with Sonny with his fear reactivity and give him the time and help that he needs ?
We can assign a behaviourst to you to help and advise throughout the foster period .
Pleas pm if you can help .

Current Location Norfolk PE34

My name is Dolly and sadly I have been looking for my own home for nearly 2 years , I feel very sad and lost as no one has offered to give me a chance.
Aunty Dawn has asked me to write a little about myself to see if anyone can offer me a forever foster home , so here goes .....
I am a very special girl and I have Cushings disease which makes me a little incontinent - but this is manageable with some tablets in my food ( I leave them sometimes so my foster mum has to give me another special treat to eat them which suits me just fine ). I have to spend a few hours at the vets every 3 months, where they take some of my blood and test it - whatever that is but they are really nice and give me some biscuits whilst I,m there so that makes it worth while .
The vet is very pleased with how I,m doing with my meds so that’s good progress .
I,m very fussy when I go somewhere new and do need time to settle and adjust , infact my foster mum calls me Dolly Fussy Knickers, she,s very cheeky .
Once I feel secure, I do start to relax, and enjoy my belly to be tickled and will fall over backwards if not careful so you can tickle my belly for longer .
I really don,t like fireworks and get quite worried, but I,m getting better.
I enjoy my walks and do like to climb up on a tree if possible - I do pull on my harness, but if I,m on a longer lead, I,m happier but don,t EVER let me off though, as foster mum says it affects my hearing ,well, I don,t and won,t come back when I,m called, she thinks if I go off my lead I go deaf!!
Selective Spaniel hearing .
My party trick is to open door handles and I can do bolts too, I,m very clever and extremely intelligent although I say it myself
I would preferably like a home with no other dogs, no cats and no men, but I may put up with a very quiet one.
When I go somewhere new, I like to run everywhere to see if I can escape - I,m good at this, but if I can,t escape anywhere and the garden is secure then I will relax and then feel secure.
My foster mummy does love me and often tells me that there is someone special out there waiting for me , but because I can,t get on with other dogs, she wants to find me a really loving home on my own. I would so love a home to call my own now as I keep seeing lots of spaniels finding their perfect homes but it’s never me
I am a sweet, gentle, small spaniel. I don,t bite humans, like my toys, love a bone - I do have the odd accident, but I,m sure when you meet me, you,ll forgive all my quirks and love me for the happy, cheeky, fun loving Dolly I am . Hope Aunty Dawn likes my letter to you all, love Dolly

Ps please please give me a chance so that I can finally feel wanted and loved and spend the rest of my life In my own home .

Current location Neath Swansea

Please pm me if you feel that you can offer Dolly the home that she truly deserves .