Spaniels ready for adoption

All spaniels looking for a forever home are or will be neutered/spayed, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.  

If you are interested in adopting any of the Spaniels below please go to the 'Foster/Adopt/Volunteer' page and complete our  Volunteer form, telling us which dog you are interested in within the last field.  We will then contact you to arrange a home-check. 

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Louis is 2 years old and a red Male WCS
Orla is 2 years old and is a black and white female pointer cross .
They are both neutered and up to date with vaccinations , and recently wormed and flead .
They have no health issues and are fit , active and full of energy and enjoy “mad half hours “ where they play fight .
Orla didn’t have a good start in life and looks to Louis to reassure her , they can’t be separated or they do become anxious when apart .
When Louis went to the vets Orla was besides herself until he came home .
They have shown no aggression to the resident spaniel in foster and when meeting other dogs on walks . They both need more work on their lead walking and recall , although they haven’t been off lead whilst in foster .
Orla is obsessed with tennis balls and Louis prefers rope toys and teddies .
Louis gives the best hugs and kisses and Orla is such a sweet girl that enjoys cuddles and wants to please and make you happy .
They have so much to give to someone that is prepared to put the time in and show them lots of love and attention , they adore children and really are such a wonderful pair that I’m sure won’t disappoint you .

When they first arrived in foster as with all dogs in strange environments and with complete strangers , they were very stressed and Louis did actually bite his foster mum which she feels was due to her approaching him around his collar .
There have been no further incidents and both of them have become relaxed and shown what an adorable pair they really are .

Please don’t be put off by a pair as they are amazing together and once they settle they really are such lovely dogs .

Meet and greet ( Bury BL9 ) and adoption donation applies .

Sadly though no fault of his own 3 year old Ozzie will be coming back to Spaniel Assist from his Forever home .

Ozzie is very bouncy and lacks any awareness of his space and weight.
He needs a child and cat free home due to the fact that Ozzie had bad experiences in his first home with young children being cruel and he can react out of fear .
He is a wonderful dog and hasn’t got a malicious bone in his body (although sometimes doesn’t realise his own weight/strength and can hurt the other dogs in the home unintentionally .
His current family haven’t seen any bad behaviour from him in the home.
On two occasions he has displayed aggression when out walking. One was with a child who ran past screaming and waving their arms. It appears that it is the noise and movement that makes him anxious. He lunged at the child but they managed to pull him back.
Now when there are children passing on walks they pull him to one side and give him a treat to distract him and that works fine.
The second occasion was with a jogger (again the rapid movement). His mum was busy picking up poo as the jogger ran past and he lunged at him – fortunately the guy took evasive action. So again, somewhere less urban would be better.
He pulled really badly on the lead when he first went to his Forever family but after much experimentation (and a fortune on leads and harnesses plus some stop start training), they found that a figure of eight lead works a treat. He much prefers being off lead and his recall is fantastic. They can also confirm that he is whistle trained. He’s not destructive in the slightest (nothing has been damaged) and is very food-driven, which is good for training.
He does get nervous when first meeting people and will wee a bit, but that’s just anxiety and he gets over it. He also licks his paws a lot, quite vigorously at times, which they think is a habit from anxious times rather than a food allergy (they feed him on grain free food). He does resource guard where food is concerned and tends to bolt everything. They have not had small children in the house at all, but they have had him with teenagers and he seems fine (guess they don’t move too quickly!).
Ozzie would probably love to be an only dog with someone who is around a lot of the time. His familyare happy to wait as long as it takes to re-home him as he needs to find the right place.

Meet and greet ( Kent area )

Please pm me if you feel that you can offer Ozzie the home that he deserves and I will put you in contact with his family for more information .

My name is Dolly and sadly I have been looking for my own home for nearly 2 years , I feel very sad and lost as no one has offered to give me a chance.
Aunty Dawn has asked me to write a little about myself to see if anyone can offer me a forever foster home , so here goes .....
I am a very special girl and I have Cushings disease which makes me a little incontinent - but this is manageable with some tablets in my food ( I leave them sometimes so my foster mum has to give me another special treat to eat them which suits me just fine ). I have to spend a few hours at the vets every 3 months, where they take some of my blood and test it - whatever that is but they are really nice and give me some biscuits whilst I,m there so that makes it worth while .
The vet is very pleased with how I,m doing with my meds so that’s good progress .
I,m very fussy when I go somewhere new and do need time to settle and adjust , infact my foster mum calls me Dolly Fussy Knickers, she,s very cheeky .
Once I feel secure, I do start to relax, and enjoy my belly to be tickled and will fall over backwards if not careful so you can tickle my belly for longer .
I really don,t like fireworks and get quite worried, but I,m getting better.
I enjoy my walks and do like to climb up on a tree if possible - I do pull on my harness, but if I,m on a longer lead, I,m happier but don,t EVER let me off though, as foster mum says it affects my hearing ,well, I don,t and won,t come back when I,m called, she thinks if I go off my lead I go deaf!!
Selective Spaniel hearing .
My party trick is to open door handles and I can do bolts too, I,m very clever and extremely intelligent although I say it myself
I would preferably like a home with no other dogs, no cats and no men, but I may put up with a very quiet one.
When I go somewhere new, I like to run everywhere to see if I can escape - I,m good at this, but if I can,t escape anywhere and the garden is secure then I will relax and then feel secure.
My foster mummy does love me and often tells me that there is someone special out there waiting for me , but because I can,t get on with other dogs, she wants to find me a really loving home on my own. I would so love a home to call my own now as I keep seeing lots of spaniels finding their perfect homes but it’s never me
I am a sweet, gentle, small spaniel. I don,t bite humans, like my toys, love a bone - I do have the odd accident, but I,m sure when you meet me, you,ll forgive all my quirks and love me for the happy, cheeky, fun loving Dolly I am . Hope Aunty Dawn likes my letter to you all, love Dolly

Ps please please give me a chance so that I can finally feel wanted and loved and spend the rest of my life In my own home .

Current location Neath Swansea

Please pm me if you feel that you can offer Dolly the home that she truly deserves .

Hi there
I am looking for my Forever loving home which I thought I had found with SARR when I was adopted previously back in 2016 .
Unfortunately things changed through no fault of mine and I had to come back into foster .
So I’m hoping that this time it will be Forever .

I am 7 years old and a very handsome ESS , I weigh in at 21.60 kilos I am neutered and was vaccinated in November 2019 .
I have had some health issues and it was found out by the vet that I had an enlarged heart which caused a kink in my trachea which was causing me to cough , medication is helping with this .
Also I have had some skin allergies and I am fed a grain free diet .

I really am a people boy and extremely good with children ( my previous home had 4 young children )
I love to play and sit with them .
Although older children as I’m not used to baby’s and toddlers .

I am very good with the resident cat in foster which you can see from the pic
I would really benefit as an only dog as originally I was surrendered as I wasn’t getting on with the resident Male although I don’t have problems with dogs on walks .

I pull initially on the lead and I am very strong , walking home after my walk I’m more more relaxed and walk nicely .
I did have some separation anxiety when I arrived in foster but this has been worked on and I can now be left for up to 3 hours , don’t get me wrong I’m happy if you never have to leave me and a retired home or someone that doesn’t work would be my dream home .

I have no agression towards anything or anyone and really don’t have a bad bone in my body .
I just love balls and will do anything for one which could work to your advantage !
I am an active boy that enjoys my walks but then I’m happy to go home and have a nap .

The garden will need to be secure with a 6 foot fence or wall as In my first home I was an escape artist .

You will need to give me time to settle and gain my trust as I have been through such a lot and I won’t eat at first and had to be encouraged to go to the toilet.

I’m my current foster home I have had to go stay with other fosters on a couple of occasions due to holidays and this confused me and obviously I had to learn to settle in a new home again .
So please let this be the last time that I have to move as I’m become very confused and can’t cope with moving yet again .

I need stability and love and in return I will give so much love and loyalty

Please can you take me into your home and heart .

Meet and greet is essential ( Sussex BN18)
Adoption donation applies .

Please pm Dawn Clough for more info .