Foster, Adopt, or Volunteer for Spaniel Assist

We are always looking for safe foster and forever homes, transport assistance and fundraising help, and we continue to operate thanks to your generous donations.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting a spaniel, or helping Spaniel Assist in any other way, please fill out the Volunteer Signup Form below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.


1.  You must have experience of spaniels or other active breeds, and be able and prepared to meet their needs.  
2.   You must not leave a spaniel for any longer than 4 hours in total throughout the day.  
3.  We do rehome to families with children providing they are dog savvy and that we have the full history of the dog.
4.  You must not apply if you are furloughed.
5.  You must have a Spaniel proof garden with no escape routes and a wall/fence minimum height of 4 foot.
6. There will be a cooling off period (2 weeks) once you have registered and you will be expected to contact us if you still wish to proceed with a home check. 

Due to the number of applications that we are expecting this will not be a quick process so please be patient . The spaniels are as always our main priority, and making sure that the homes are 100% right for each and every dog's specific needs is paramount .

For fostering or adoption the process is simple, once we have a completed form from you someone will be in touch to arrange a home check.  Once you're approved you'll be added to a 'closed' FB group where you'll see every single dog needing a new home as soon as it comes into our care, with details of the kind of home that particular dog needs.  Dawn Clough, the Founder of Spaniel Assist, personally chooses the most appropriate home for every dog.   

If you would like to see the dogs available for adoption right now, please visit our Adoption Page.

Want to Join our fundraising efforts or donate to our cause?