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Image by Nathan McDine

Sponsor a Spaniel

We at Spaniel Assist pride ourselves on the successful re-homing of many spaniels each of which have come from many different backgrounds and go on to wonderful new life’s and homes.

Sadly some of the spaniels that are surrendered cannot be re-homed due to many different reasons. Some of which are aggression, not being able to adapt to life indoors and fear of people. These dogs are all in long term foster for as long as they need be (the rest of their life usually) and are loved and cared for and their individual needs are met.

We thought it would be nice to introduce them and also ask if anyone would like to sponsor any of these dogs towards vet bills etc. 

Thank you 



I posted a few days ago regarding a new arrival - Goldie .

Goldie has seen an eye specialist and sadly needs to have her eye removed

He also said that she will have passed this onto her puppies which is just heartbreaking .

The vet has given us an estimate of £2900 for the operation which she needs asap due to her eye bulging and causing pain .

As if she hasn’t been through enough in her life They have already booked Goldie in for next week. Occasionally I will ask for donations towards our spaniels bigger operations.



The girl who has been used and abused to make money from litters of pups.

The girl who was abandoned scared and alone , but no one claimed her.

She served her legal days in the pound and as expected not one person came along to admit she was their dog .

Imagine the fear she felt not knowing what was to become of her

Well this girls life has changed for the better she no longer has to live a life of fear, now is her time to shine

Welcome to Spaniel Assist Poppy

monty 4.jpg


Monty is currently in last chance saloon. He’s a young liver and white Springer, only two years old, who has had a really bad start in life. When he was still under two years old his owners took him to the boarding kennels where he had often stayed before, but said they would not be returning for him. The kennels surrendered him to SARR, and after a stay in foster he was adopted. His adoptive family loved him to bits, but his behaviour deteriorated and he began to growl and bite. For the majority of the time Monty is friendly and lovable, but is also unpredictable and can switch to being reactive very quickly without warning. Eventually, when his family felt they could no longer cope with him, they surrendered him back to SARR and he was moved to another family who were sure they were the right family for him. Unfortunately, that short lived placement was a disaster, and after only 48 hours of stress, and distress, Monty went back to his adopted family who had stepped up and offered to take him back temporarily. The plan now is to get extensive tests done, full skeletal x-rays are booked for next week, and possibly brain scans, but if no physical reason can be found for Monty’s aggression then unfortunately it will be impossible to rehome him. He is our ‘Sponsored Star’ because the tests, x-rays etc are hugely expensive, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a happy future for Monty, but we have to give him a chance. Sponsors can give a one-off donation towards Monty’s care, or a repeat monthly donation.

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