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Forever Home Wanted

Name: Misty


I am looking for Misty’s forever home

She was rescued from the hands of Hunters at Spain where she was most certainly facing death.

Age - 18 months (Approx)

dob on Misty’s passport is


This is an Approx dob given by the vet .

Spayed - yes

Vaccinated - yes

Passport - yes

Relevant tests done before travel - yes

Please read the assessment below from her Foster mum .

All about...


By her foster mum

Misty came to us from Spain, via transporter 4 weeks ago.

As soon as I greeted her with a cuddle she hung onto my leg, it was such an emotional greeting.

We slowly introduced Misty to the boys. My youngest son, then Loki (our resident pup) and then Max, our current foster. I couldn’t be more pleased how it went. She has since met my parents, (she went to stay whilst we went to the big feastival) they adored her! She’s also met my 6ft 2 middle son and fell in love. They were inseparable for 5 days! She fitted right in! With everyone! So more about her...

• She is still being house trained (no mess at night, however a tiddle now and then....

• She’s a food snatcher. At feeding time you need to hold her back to put her food down. She will sit but soon move to get it out your hands quicker.....

• She will sit for a treat... however training to teach her patience.

• Bedtime, she has had a bed on our landing. She’s quite happy there.

• Recall... still learning her name but if you whistle and shout come she does!

• Fab for a cuddle, great with children & other dogs.. shes also met one of our latest bantam chicks... with caution.

• She is harmless. No concerns about her biting, or aggression.

• She will eat your clothes! Do not leave socks, flannels or even trousers in her reach! Encourage good chewing & boredom relief with a marrowbone or filled konk.

• She has lots of energy. She loves to investigate our huge garden and sprint and jump hurdles like a greyhound, so lots of exercise...

• Great on the lead now, little pulling.

• Still gets worried with unusual sounds. Back end goes down tiny tail tucked in. Reassurance that she is safe, and a good fuss is all she needs

“You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it”

To whomever adopts Misty, we thank you! She is a truly gorgeous girl and will make a family complete.

What she will need: A bed, food & water bowls, a good fitted harness & lead .

Meet and greet - Oxfordshire OX7

adoption donation applies

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