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Forever Home Wanted

Name: Winnie


Meet and greet applies - Neath Swansea

Name - Winnie

Age dob - 15/05/2019

Spayed - yes

Breed - Cocker

Sadly Winnie had been returned to SARR from her adopter and was then in a foster / to adopt home but they felt they were out of their depth and lacking experience.


Please read the information below from Winnie’s foster.

Winnie needs to be with an experienced owner, she wants to be the centre of your world, so no children - she can be spiteful. She likes to eat her food on her own. She could live with another dog who will cope with her bossy character. Winnie has an amazing sense of fun, loves to play with you. Her body language can sometimes be misread, but if you take the the time to learn her sense of humour, she is the most wicked, playful, character. Winnie, will need to know you have boundaries to be obeyed - she will take advantage if she knows you’re a soft touch.


She’ll need ongoing training, has no recall and pulls on the lead - does settle after the initial excitement - she’s very forward going, good at meeting other people and dogs.


Winnie is a big character in a small dogs body. She’s funny, quirky and will be demanding for your attention - she’s good to leave for a few hours. Winnie like her bed and will take toys into her bed. This is her safe place and has not guarded whilst in foster, she is protective of her food, but will just hold her head down.

Please pm Dawn Clough to express an interest, you will be added to a list and then the successful family will be contacted and the post updated .

Any additional info to support your application and what you have to offer will be greatly appreciated and help me with my final decision.

Adoption Donation applies

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