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Forever Home Wanted

Name: Shelby



NAME - Shelby

AGE - approx 5 years


DOGS - yes calmer sociable dogs

CHILDREN - No as they would probably freak her out

SPAYED - yes

LOCATION - Whitley Bay

I am looking for a very special home , a home that isn’t an hectic environment but a calm one.

A home with one or maybe 2 friendly dogs who Shelby will take comfort from and bond with .

A home where you will understand her needs and anxieties , where you will give her lots and lots of time to adjust and decompress .

You will need to understand that Shelby has been beaten and abused , had multiple litters of pups .

Never ever has she been shown kindness in any shape or form .

She will spin when stressed and will hide behind furniture when you want to take her outside .

Once she is outside she will go for a walk and does relax slightly and walks nicely on her lead .

She is hand shy , she is nervous and unsure and really will need time to gain your trust .

Shelby has been in foster for 6 months and has improved greatly in that time but there is still work to be done , trust building and lots of TLC

She had never been in a house until she went into foster , she does still have the occasional accidents but is doing well under the circumstances .

Shelby has suffered greatly at the hands of humans , physically and mentally .

Please only offer to adopt this poor soul if you feel that you can give her the life , commitment and love that she truly deserves she will not be able to cope being returned .

This must be her FOREVER HOME

Adoption donation applies

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me .

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