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About Us

Image by Connor Home

We are Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-Homing

Voluntary Non-Profit Association

Founded in July 2015 by Dawn Clough who works tirelessly with the help of volunteers to make sure that each and every Spaniel is placed in the right home for their individual needs. 

Dawn deals with each and every dog personally and always takes great care and attention when choosing the right foster or forever home for each specific dog, based on their own needs. Reassuring and advising owners that are relinquishing their Spaniel, and helping to put their mind at ease at this difficult time.

Spaniel Assist is a Non Profit Group run by a team of dedicated volunteers with one mission - to remove spaniels from vulnerable conditions and find them a safe and loving home and also to rehome for owners that have a change of circumstances


"We’re passionate about spaniels and want them to receive the love and care they deserve”   

Dawn Clough, Founder.

Meet The Team

I own 5 working cockers and 2 ESS, 4 of which are rescue dogs.

Spaniels are such an amazing loyal , intelligent breed, but sadly through inexperience and lacking in knowledge of the breed, they can sometimes fall into the wrong hands. 
I decided that my goal in life would be to devote my time to helping as many as possible to have the life that they deserve in wonderful new homes. 

My role is very important to me and very personal so I deal with all of the spaniels that need homes, whether it be foster or adopt, I choose the very best home and future for each and every dog's specific needs.

I am Dawn's PA and I take on any tasks she needs me to do. Most of my time is spent on receiving and processing completed home check forms and dealing with queries related to them. I also arrange follow-up visits to our adopters.

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