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This is a small sample of some of the dogs that we have available for foster at the moment. This page will change quickly as new vulnerable dogs come in and not all of the dogs that we have available for foster will be able to be posted here. Some dogs will need to be moved quickly, so if you are interested in becoming a general foster for us and not for a particular dog, then please fill out the general registration form for fostering in the main menu. Once approved, you will then be added to a private facebook page and able to see all of the dogs we have available at that time. Please help us reach our goal to continue to rescue and re-home as many dogs as possible. Your generous support is what makes the difference to the plight of some very vulnerable spaniels.  

Spaniels come to SARR from a wide variety of backgrounds - some good, some bad. Their first experience with us is with a foster family and, in most cases, we have very little information about them.


The purpose of fostering is to give the dog an immediate safe place and to assess it over a period of weeks so that the eventual adoptive family have an accurate picture of the dog before they make the decision to adopt. Our fosterers are invaluable to us and without them, we wouldn't be able to help any dogs


Before volunteering to foster, you should be prepared to accept a dog that may have complex needs.

Often our vet bills are very high. Each of our foster dogs have a support button if you would like to make a donation. 


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Name: Rufus


BREED OF DOG - Cockapoo


AGE - 6 yrs 

NEUTERED - no due to anxieties


HEALTH ISSUES - small lump near his tail which has been vet checked ( no concerns )

BITE - BEHAVIORAL ISSUES - a recent visit to a different groomers when she apparently man handled and grazed him .

He is now fearful of groomers .

He was being carried when the person tripped over her table leg and dropped him on the floor falling at the side of him , he reacted out of fear and bit her finger.

CATS- no

DOGS - has lived with a female cockapoo, he is dog friendly and submissive .

CHILDREN - hasn’t lived with children but very good around friends and family children but due to his anxieties older teenagers only .

Rufus is a much loved boy but due to recent changes in circumstances he finds himself needing a loving home .

Rufus Is good on and off lead , checking that you are still around and not going too far after his first initial run .

He has good recall and always goes back to his owner .

When meeting other dogs he is interested in sniffing them but if they are over friendly he will hide behind his owners legs .

Rufus is house trained , he does not use a crate but does sleep in the bedroom on the floor , so keep this in mind as he will need to keep to this routine at least until he has decompressed and is used to his new environment . He is an anxious boy, which will need to be kept in mind, but extremely friendly.


Name: Charlie

EXPERIENCED FOSTER WANTED I am looking for an experienced confident foster for Charlie , Charlie has some separation anxiety , guarding issues and has bitten . He’s such a stunning boy and I personally feel that his issues go back to his original home due to anxiety issues within the home . Please read the adopters evaluation below before applying . ( Charlie was adopted through SARR but is sadly being returned ) LOCATION -Rotherham, South Yorkshire S66 NAME OF DOG Charlie BREED OF DOG Cocker spaniel SEX OF DOG Male COLOUR OF DOG Blue roan tri colour CURRENT WEIGHT 22kg AGE OR DOB OF DOG 12/03/15 NEUTERED - yes DATE OF LAST FLEA/TICK TREATMENT 06/07/22 DATE OF LAST BOOSTER 29/06/22 IS DOG CURRENTLY ON ANY MEDICATION-No HIP OR JOINT PROBLEMS-No SKIN PROBLEMS-No EAR INFECTIONS-No EYE PROBLEMS-No BLADDER PROBLEMS-No EPILEPSY-No HEART PROBLEMS-No FOOD ALLERGIES-No IS THE DOG GOOD WITH PEOPLE- yes Good as long as they know how to read the signs and don’t make sudden movement or treat him roughly HAS THE DOG BEEN IN CONTACT WITH CHILDREN- Baby grandson 7 months. Gentle but we haven’t allowed him too-near. HOWEVER HE SHOULD NOT LIVE WITH CHILDREN . IS THE DOG AFRAID OF OR REACTIVE TO WOMEN? MEN? OTHER DOGS? OTHER ANIMALS? Doesn’t like thunderstorms or fireworks. Reactive to previous male owners IS THE DOG GOOD WITH ALL OTHER DOGS Yes Good. Likes our daughters female dog just sniffs wags and moves on with others HOW DOES THE DOG REACT TO CATS- Not tested IS THE DOG RELIABLY HOUSETRAINED-Yes CRATE TRAINED-Not used IS THE DOG RELIABLE AT DOORS/GATES OR PRONE TO BOLTING? PLEASE GIVE DETAILS. Will stay on command HOW IS THE DOG ON A LEAD- Good RECALL-Usually good. Odd occasions recently no recall, a couple of panics when he crossed a stream and wouldn’t come back DOES THE DOG HAVE SEPARATION ANXIETY- Yes. Barks and pants . Starts as we get ready to leave. IS THE DOG AGGRESSIVE WITH FOOD? TOYS? ANY KIND OF RESOURCE GUARDING? PLEASE GIVE DETAILS. Very food orientated wouldn’t advise taking food from him HAS THE DOG EVER BITTEN ANYONE- Yes current adopter 3 times . First was when he first arrived and was very stressed she untangled him from curtains and he bit. Second time was grooming. Finally this week he got jealous and stressed when my daughters dog played with our foster dog he ripped a magazine. Whilst he was outside when they had left I was cleaning up the mess he ran in from behind and bit. He also bit his first and second adopters and original owner. DOG'S FEEDING ROUTINE- He is overweight so currently on royal canin satiety split into 2 meals with a wet pouch. He eats morning and 5pm. Eats natural treats chicken feet etc once a day WHERE DOES THE DOG SPEND THE DAY- Free inside and out WHERE DOES THE DOG SPEND THE NIGHT - Free but by our bed , current foster dog other side WHERE DOES THE DOG SPEND TIME IF LEFT ALONE IN THE HOUSE- Kitchen. Not usually left as he has SA tried for a while yesterday with foster dog on other side of gate in house still upset maybe not quite as bad as alone DESCRIBE THE DOG'S PREFERED BEDDING AND PLACE TO SLEEP. By our bed soft big cushion also a cool mat as he overheats easily DESCRIBE THE DOG'S CURRENT EXERCISE ROUTINE: HOW OFTEN IS HE WALKED, AND FOR HOW LONG? WHAT EXERCISE DOES HE ENOY MOST? At least 1 hour in a morning in woods and fields DESCRIBE THE DOG'S ENERGY LEVELS. Moderate NEEDS MODERATE AMOUNT OF EXERCISE HAPPY TO SLEEP THE DAY AWAY WITH REGULAR EXERCISE. Yes or follow around the house and garden stealing gloves slippers etc HOW IS THE DOG WITH GROOMING? DESCRIBE HOW HE COPES WITH BRUSHING, NAILS, BATHING ETC. Not done after the bite. Local groomer does this he is used to her. He is cut every 6 weeks as his fur is very thick and he overheats DESCRIBE THE DOG'S BEST QUALITIES, THE THINGS THAT MAKE HIM SPECIAL. Loving cuddly at times . Enjoys being out especially in the snow DESCRIBE THE DOG'S IDEAL HOME, WHAT KIND OF FAMILY WOULD HE SUIT, AND WHERE WOULD HE BE HAPPIEST. Quiet not busy no children. Someone with lots of time to be with him. Someone who is experienced in dealing with biting and SA issues.


Name: Ralph


I am looking for a foster for Ralph , an experienced couple or a single person with a calm home , no children , or other pets .

A foster who will be prepared to work with Ralph understand his body language , give him time to adjust and understand his ways and needs .

His family really are lovely and he is a much loved boy , they contacted me today as a last resort as the behaviourist advised euthanasia which upset them greatly as you can imagine.

They feel that he should be a given a chance and we are hoping that there is the right home out there for Ralph

LOCATION - Southport, PR8


BREED OF DOG Cocker Spaniel

SIZE OF DOG Small cocker spaniel






CATS - no


AGRESSION DETAILS Ralph is not actively aggressive towards other dogs - when walking he likes his own space and we usually walk him on his lead away from other dogs.

Issues occur if another dog is off the lead and approach him quickly as he is nervous. If the other dog continues to harass him he can become aggressive.

Ralph has been socialised with another family dog who he spends time with regularly but this has been done over a sustained period of time. He is fed separately and all goods/possessions are removed.

We would not recommend that he is homed with another dog.

DESCRIBE THE DOG'S PERSONALITY Ralph is a happy, playful and loving cocker spaniel, who is very well trained and obedient. He loves to keep you company and please you, however he does have a very nervous personality and has shown aggression across the 7 years we have had him.

Ralph prefers his own company, however is very affectionate and will approach you when he feels ready. Ralph loves to walk and play with his 2 owners and is always very keen to be active and on the go.

Ralph can be fear aggressive if he is startled or approached unexpectantly by new people and dogs.

Ralph has to feel comfortable in his environment and surroundings as he can resource guard and show agression when he feels uncomfortable (this is usually around food, bedtime and when he is relaxing).

Patience, love and care is needed to understand Ralph and his environment, but when you know how to manage him and read his body language he quickly settled and gains your trust - it’s important to not overwhelm and push Ralph’s boundaries.


Ralph has bitten when he is fearful or in a nervous environment.

Mostly this is when he has been approached when he feels uncomfortable and has been startled, or he resource guarding.

Ralph would need someone who reads his body language and respects his space when he requires this.





Up to 6 hours a day - Ralph is very comfortable in his own company







WHERE DOES THE DOG SLEEP AT NIGHT? In his own bed usually in room with owners however would be fine in a different room.

REASON FOR RELINQUISHING We have owned Ralph for 7 years and he is our best friend and this makes this such a difficult decision.

As we are now expecting our first baby, although we can manage Ralph now, it will be extremely difficult when a baby comes along. This will add stress for both us and Ralph and having to segregate him would not provide Ralph will the quality of life he is used to.

As Ralph can be unpredictable we have to tightly manage his surroundings and environments.

Ralph is a perfect companion but requires someone who will provide structure and respect his boundaries.

He is very obedient and intelligent however requires patience and understanding for his behaviour.

We would recommend that Ralph would be suited to an owners who do not have children or other dogs. He is unfortunately not suited to a busy family environment however in the right home would be someone’s best friend.

Home check applies


Name: Daisy


BREED OF DOG - Working Cocker Spaniel

SEX OF DOG - Female

COLOUR OF DOG - Chocolate

AGE - 7 yrs 

Young Child and Dog free please

I am looking for a calm home for Daisy , ideally dog free but another dog in the home that isn’t dependent on their owner and is happy to have time a way in another room whilst Daisy has her own space .

Daisy will need time to adapt and decompress , this really must be adhered too as she can be very anxious .

She has been through so much in her life.

She has recently had a behaviourist assessment , and we will assign a behaviourist to you , to support ,advise and work with you .

In Daisy’s previous home since the birth of the baby , despite correct and careful introductions her stress levels were so high she just couldn’t cope any more and went for the baby on the face .

Thankfully no great harm was done but her family felt that they could no longer trust Daisy .

She went into foster where there was a resident male cocker , as her previous owner said she was better with males and with slow introductions she would be fine .

Unfortunately due to the resident dog being very dependant on his owner, giving both dogs time away from each is just not working .

Hence me having to identify another suitable foster .

Daisy loves people once she knows she can trust you but is anxious of strangers at first .

Daisy will need lots of time and reassurance to adapt in her new environment .

She is incredibly food driven which can help with training and gaining her trust.

She loves her tennis ball.

She is ok with teenagers (once she knows she is safe) but does not like toddlers or loud noises.

She will cuddle up to her favourite people and take a fuss, but she prefers to come to you on her terms for strokes and cuddles and sometimes prefers to be left alone in her own space .

cali and Dotty.jpg

Name: Cali and Dotty


Location- Gloucester

These 2 lovelies are Cali and Dotty , I am looking for a home together for the girls as they are very bonded .

They are 2 years old , Unspayed with no health or behavioural issues .

Great with children , very affectionate and loving but also bouncy and excitable .

They are house trained and travel well .

I am looking for an active home as the girls love long walks and being outdoors .

Ok on the lead with really good recall.

They can be left within reason with no problems .

A lovely pair that come from a loving family home .

Cali and Dotty have not been assesed by Spaniel Assist .

The foster period is for approx 4 weeks , I will then give you the option to adopt .

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