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Forever Home Wanted

Name: Fern


Foster location - Swansea ( meet and greet applies )

I am looking for Ferns happy ever after, I have met this girl and she is adorable, she has her quirks but nothing that can’t be managed.

She is stunning to look at and is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She is particularly good with other quieter dogs.

Anyone with collie experience will understand and love her.

Please read the foster write up below.

Do not apply for Fern unless you are 100% committed to working with her and allowing her to settle at her own pace.

Not neutered as came into season - ready end in March (Spaniel Assist will cover this cost).

Fern is Collie Spaniel Cross - very collie in ways. Fern is one special girl who has had her world turned upside down. This is why she requires minimal handling until trusted.

She becomes very affectionate and loves to be with you. She does bark if left, initially, but does settle. An adult only, quiet home would suit best, if there.s another dog who is placid, playful and will not react to Ferns sometimes impatience would be lovely for her.

Her recall is good, does pull on the lead at start of walk and meets and greets dogs/people happily.

Fern can be a little 'collie nippy' when stressed - but is not aggressive!. She loves her ball, eats twice a day - she is slightly intolerant to chicken.

She travels well, but doesn’t like to be crated. Fern needs positive reinforcement to encourage her and she.s so eager to please and do right for you.

Ferns spaniel side does like to squirrel watch, so no cats.

Dogs must be secured at all time in transit , you must not travel to collect a dog unless you have a crate , or seat belt harness and you must place a disc on the dogs collar as soon as you collect, failure to secure the dog can result in you not taking them.

Your own details should be on the disc.


Although Foster dogs have  been assessed , they will still need time to decompress , especially in Ferns case .

Please allow them time to adapt and get used to their new environment and you before rushing things such as socialising , groomers , vet visits ( unless there is a health concern) and even walking them in some cases.

They must never be left alone with other pets or children.

Dogs are surrendered for a reason and it could take weeks or even months to see some progress , so you must be prepared to put the time and effort in to reap the rewards.

Moving them on again to another foster home can do more harm than good in some cases so you must give this your best shot.

Please pm Dawn Clough to express an interest, you will be added to a list and then the successful family will be contacted and the post updated.

Any additional info to support your application and what you have to offer will be greatly appreciated and help me with my final decision.

Adoption Donation applies

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