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Forever Home Wanted




FOSTER LOCATION - Liverpool L12 ( meet and greet applies )

Meet Axel d.o.b 20/02/16.

He's fully vaccinated except for kennel cough as he's never been in Kennels. House trained, good recall loves retrieving a ball and will drop at your feet. He will pick up sticks and stones if out with no ball and has swallowed a stone which required surgery just to make you aware .

Loves meeting people especially kids he’s very good and tolerant with them.

other dogs but happy to be in there company. He's just a big teddy bear who loves attention .


BREED OF DOG Springer Spaniel


COLOUR OF DOG White with brown head


Axel is Not keen on shouting - it makes him shake. Not overly keen on loud noises, it tends to make him crawl all over you for safety.

He is currently in foster with a small dog and they live together , he Usually ignores other dogs when out unless they go towards his ball. He will then chase them off.

Axel is not cat tested !

He is housetrained and does not use a crate .

Not too bad on a lead. Strong and stubborn. If you are walking with other dogs he has to be in front.

RECALL , If you have a ball he will not leave you no matter what else is going on. He will come to his name and will leave other dogs/people when you tell him to do so.

He can be left for a few hours. He can be vocal with barking and or howling if disturbed (postman, people moving around outside) otherwise he sleeps.

He has 2 toys he is very protective over. When the resident dog took them he has jumped on him and there was some growling and snapping (no contact though)

The toys have since been removed and it is calmer, no problems .

There is a minor jealousy there as he wants your attention but as long as you are sensible he is ok.

He would push out the resident dog if he had a chance but isnt allowed .

He has caught his foster once with his teeth when he jumped up to get the ball from her , He thought she was taking too long to throw it. It was not intentional he only jumped up to take the ball .

He is obsessed with balls. He will play ball with you for as long as you can stand it. If you are sat on the sofa he will tap your leg so you throw his ball at him (he doesn't want to chase it just catch it)

Axel is fed twice a day. Half a tray in morning and half at evening. He has biscuits down permanently but only seems to eat them if he is hungry. They can be there 2 days. He does love the resident dogs biscuits and will eat them as soon as they appear. He is given Waggs treats in the car after the walk (easier to encourage them into the car)

During the day he is Free to roam the house. Will usually sleep on the bed or on sofa

The Longest he has been left is 3 hours. Free to roam. He sleeps on the bed with the resident dog .

His Previous owner used to walk him for an hour morning and night. His foster walks him for 30 mins a day and throws the ball for him .

He loves playing ball.

ENERGY LEVELS. He matches yours. I have taken him for 30, 60, 120 and 180 min walks and there is no difference to how he behaves in the walk or at the end. If you are playing, in the garden or anything interesting he will always join in. If you are working or watching TV he lays down and goes to sleep. If you are talking he tends to give you a ball so you can play indoor catch with him

Absolutely fine with baths (wash every day with hose pipe - he is a mud magnet) he does not like his face getting wet. He is not keen on being brushed .

This tends to be by rolling on you, using his paw to push your hand down or at worst mouthing you. His paws are ticklish and he is not keen on you touching them. He tends to either put his full weight on the paw or tries to walk away.

He has a lovely face that is better suited to a girl, long brown eyelashes, dark brown puppy eyes and shaggy beach hair for ears - all of which he works extremely well for his advantage. He loves to play. He loves nothing more than being with his favourite people and a ball. He just wants attention and hugs - he will happily come for a hug at anytime and give you lots of kisses. He is a beautiful well behaved dog. If there is mud or water he is in it. You can take him for a walk on pavements and he still comes home muddy. He travels in a car really well. I have left both dogs in the car after a long walk to go into pub for a meal and he just sleeps

He needs to be in a home where there are people around a large part of the time. He would love kids there especially if any are into football - he would make a good goalie. If there is another dog, the owner has to be dog savvy and keep his jealous traces from taking over. They need to be prepared to give him a bath after every walk and to wipe his paws when in garden.

He will wee when he gets very excited to see someone - it is the submissive crawl round in a circle that usually causes it.

Contact is Dawn Clough

Registration , Home check , meet and greet and Adoption Donation applies.

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