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Forever Home Wanted




Please read the foster evaluation below before applying.

Remington (Remi) is THE MOST beautiful Sprocker( age 2 years )

He is absolutely adorable and a pleasure to have within the home. Attentive, obedient, quiet, house trained, great with other dogs (male or female). Loves people, and simply follows me everywhere, loves to be stroked and cuddled. He sleeps within crate on an evening (and eats within one as he can be a little grumpy towards others whilst eating). He is geat being walked on a lead, and walks to heel lovely.

He is Gamekeeper bred, and was kept back to be part of the working team. But sadly has proven that he is not going to make the grade. For despite his loyalty and and never ending desire to be within close proximity to you inside the house, outside he is somewhat "wild" (!!) . Given the opportunity he will (and I have witnessed it personally some time ago) bolt, and take off after a scent. He can clear a lot of ground, in a very short time, and I believe will only stop, when exhausted. He can clear fences, walls, ditches with no backward look.

Thus he will need a secure garden in his new home. With fencing that he cant climb. I would recommend hiring a VERY secure field, taking lessons from a trainer - where the recall can be practised in a safe indoor environment, ideally where they do have outdoor secure field to follow on training in. (I personally would advise a tracker on him).

I have a small wooded area alongside a paddock here, where I have been able (with the use of a longline) have him walking to heel, making frequent stops to sit and check-in. The weight of my longline, is quite heavy and probably gave him the illusion he was being held. And its also a twisty track, would i feel confident in an open field, ABSOLOUTELY NOT!! In time, over a few months, perhaps.

Despite the above, he enjoys his walks on a lead. Moving forward to new home, being an athletic dog, he I imagine would love agility (indoors !), maybe canicross or even flyball. He enjoys retrieving in the house - but again outdoors doesnt find it so appealing. Scent work could be another avenue to try, he is a very intelligent young dog and I am sure there are plenty of fun things he can excel in without the need to be free running.

He really is a lovely dog to have around, great company, happy, and with the most loving eyes.

He has had his tail docked, vaccinations re started, and will leave with the understanding he requires castrating.

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