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This is a small sample of some of the dogs that we have available for foster at the moment. This page will change quickly as new vulnerable dogs come in and not all of the dogs that we have available for foster will be able to be posted here. Some dogs will need to be moved quickly, so if you are interested in becoming a general foster for us and not for a particular dog, then please fill out the general registration form for fostering in the main menu. Once approved, you will then be added to a private facebook page and able to see all of the dogs we have available at that time. Please help us reach our goal to continue to rescue and re-home as many dogs as possible. Your generous support is what makes the difference to the plight of some very vulnerable spaniels.  

Spaniels come to SARR from a wide variety of backgrounds - some good, some bad. Their first experience with us is with a foster family and, in most cases, we have very little information about them.


The purpose of fostering is to give the dog an immediate safe place and to assess it over a period of weeks so that the eventual adoptive family have an accurate picture of the dog before they make the decision to adopt. Our fosterers are invaluable to us and without them, we wouldn't be able to help any dogs


Before volunteering to foster, you should be prepared to accept a dog that may have complex needs.

Often our vet bills are very high. Each of our foster dogs have a support button if you would like to make a donation. 


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FOSTER WANTED LOCATION - Edinburgh EH17 Dogs Name: Oakley Breed of Dog: Sprocker spaniel Size of Dog: Medium Age of Dog: 2 Sex of Dog: Male Has the dog been neutered?: No Has the dog been microchipped?: Yes Has the dog been vaccinated?: Yes Is the dog aggressive with other dogs?: No Does the dog have any medical conditions, or disabilities?: No Has the dog lived with other dog(s)?: Yes Has the dog lived with children?: Yes Has the dog ever bitten a person?: No Have you sought advice from a behaviourist /​ dog trainer?: Not needed Is the dog house trained?: Yes Can the dog be left alone?: Yes Is the dog crate trained?: No Does the dog bark or chew things when left alone?: Yes Does the dog travel well in car?: Yes Does the dog pull on lead?: Yes needs work What is the recall like off lead?: Yes ok Is the dog cat friendly? Yes Has it lived with cats?: Yes Dogs looking for foster homes have not yet been assessed .

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