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Forever Home Wanted

Name: Max



( dog free , someone who is at home most of the time )

Location - Bishop Auckland

Max (age 14 months) is a truly lovely dog with a heart of gold.

He is still enture due to his age , fit healthy and active .

He was born without a paw on his back leg , this however is no detriment to him and he races around like any other young dog .

He just wants to be the centre of someone's world, where there is someone around most of the time and the house is calm.

Max is a very nervous dog around people and dogs at first , he takes time to warm and trust everything.

He can be reactive towards some dogs but not all .

In foster he gets on well with one of the males but not the other .

With time and patience and a lot of love he is the most loving boy who will just want to follow you round all day and permanently want to be with you.

He is good with kids once he knows them.

He is nervous with dogs at first, he doesn't like bigger dogs but smaller female ones are okay.

He doesn't know how to play with dogs and is lacking in social skills due to not being socialised.

when he is too excited he will nip them but is still learning how to be around other dogs .

He has jealousy issues where sometimes if he is being stroked he will snap and growl at other dogs if the come near.

He is an absolute pleasure to walk, doesn't pull at all, just walks next to you and sniffs. Recall does need work as it's hit and miss, gets better the more he trusts you and settles in.

His missing paw does not affect him at all, he’s amazing.

Max can be left for short period of times but if left too long he will chew, bark and howl.

He is toilet trained but if isn't let out often he will have accidents .

At first he will need someone to go out with him and stand with the door open watching him or he'll just stand at the door and no my go to the toilet outside if the door is shut.

Time , patience and socialisation is needed to help Max overcome his anxieties .

Adoption Donation applies .

The process is that you will register for a home check ( unless already approved )

I will then put you in contact with the fosters for more info .

If I feel you are a potential home a meet and greet will then be arranged .

I will then decide whether to go ahead with the adoption based on the meet and greet .

Link below to register

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