We are Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-Homing

Non-Profit Organisation

Helping us help some very vulnerable Spaniels and Spaniels that owners have a change of circumstances and just need help finding a new home

Founded in July 2015 by Dawn Clough who works tirelessly with volunteers to make sure that each and every Spaniel is placed in the right home for their individual needs.

Spaniel Assist is a Non Profit Group run by a team of dedicated volunteers with one mission - to remove spaniels from vulnerable conditions and find them a safe and loving home.

"We’re passionate about spaniels and want them to receive the love and care they deserve” Dawn Clough, Founder.


Become a Fosterer

Rescued spaniels are immediately placed in foster care across the country where they will be assessed for re-homing. The length of time it takes for a spaniel to be ready for re-homing is down to the individual dog. But the minimum time is 4 weeks for a full assessment to take place. 

All potential foster homes will be subject to a home-check before placing a spaniel with them. Could you provide a safe and loving foster home? 

Volunteer for Spaniel Assist


Dog Health & Care

All rescued spaniels are given a thorough medical examination by a qualified Vet and receive any necessary vaccinations. They will also be spayed or neutered, and microchipped.

Some spaniels require extra medical treatment if they have been neglected or are unwell. It’s thanks to the fundraising efforts of Spaniel Assist that this veterinary care can be provided. 

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Adopt A Spaniel

If you are interested in adopting a rescue spaniel on our website, get in touch to register your interest. Once registered you will be home-checked to assess if you and your home are a suitable environment for the dog. In order to be home-checked please join our main group by clicking this link


If you’re home-check is approved and you are able to adopt, you will receive aftercare backup post adoption. Adoption Donation applies

Spaniels ready for adoption

If you know of a dog who needs our help, please call us on 07403 578467 immediately

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help Spaniel Assist such as becoming a foster carer, helping to transport dogs to and from homes, fundraising, and we are always grateful for any donations so that we can continue our work. Please see dogs-in-foster page to support an individual or dogs of your choice.

Join our Facebook fundraising page lots of activities including the 50/50 Club where you can win half the monthly amount! Raffles, Auctions, Competitions and lots more! 

Funds raised are spent on transportation costs, home checks, after-care for the dogs and future fundraising activities.  All of the work carried out by Spaniel Assist is done by Volunteers. Help us raise money. 

Adoption Fees

An adoption donation applies so that we can continue our volunteer service and cover routine medical care, vaccinations, neutering and micro-chipping of each dog. If the dog requires extra medical attention, that's where our fundraising team really steps in.

Thank you to all that support the great work done by all in the Spaniel Assist Team.

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Are you able to donate?

If you wish to donate to Spaniel Assist you can do below. Please just click the button below and follow the instructions. 

Thank you.


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All proceeds to Spaniel Assist  

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