Snuggle Sleeping Sets

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Snuggle Sleeping Sets in Soft Fleece

Made for SARR by a small group of members, any questions please visit Spaniel Assist Fundraising Page


Fleece cushion and blanket sets comprising a cushion (70 x 48 cm) and fleece blanket (varied sizes - see below). Super warm snuggle blankets contain polyester wadding.

Cushions and blankets are fully washable at 30 degrees. 

Sets cost £20 plus £3.50 postage


Approximate Dimensions

Blue snuggle fleece blanket 92 x 74 x 2cm

Black snuggle fleece blanket 112 x 65 x 2cm

Dark pink snuggle fleece blanket 84 x 70 x 2cm

Light pink snuggle fleece blanket 102 x 74 x2cm

Orange snuggle fleece blanket 108 x 72 x 2cm

Cream spot / purple snuggle fleece blanket is 96 x 70 x 2cm


100% of proceeds to Spaniel Assist