We at Spaniel Assist pride ourselves on the successful Rehoming of many spaniels each of which have come from many different backgrounds and go on to wonderful new life’s and homes .

Sadly some of the spaniels that are surrendered cannot be rehomed due to many different reasons
Some of which are aggression , not being able to adapt to life indoors and fear of people .
These dogs are all in long term foster for as long as they need be (the rest of their life usually) and are loved and cared for and their individual needs are met .
We thought it would be nice to introduce them and also ask if anyone would like to sponsor any of these dogs towards vet bills etc .  Thank you 

Shamus was surrendered to SARR about 2yrs ago, he had been kept outside and basically been forgotten , no interaction or socialisation with humans .
He went to a foster home to be assessed and it was probably his first outing from his enclosure for many years so obviously he panicked .
Shamus was extremely stressed and terrified , he did not settle and totally mistook all body language from his foster home ( reacting out of fear ) and it became apparent that he could not cope .
Shamus was moved to a placement on a small holding with a wonderful lady that has many years experience with troubled dogs , he was given all the time that he needed to relax, learn about a new life without any pressure whatsoever and to adapt at his own pace . As time has gone by it’s very clear that Shamus has had very little human socializing and is very untrusting, he just doesn’t have a clue how to deal or interact with people.
Obviously because of this Shamus couldn’t be rehomed and most people would have mistaken this for aggression and the outcome just wouldn’t bear thinking about .
Shamus is very dog friendly and he now shares his life with 3 other spaniels that he trusts and has bonded with , only one human to deal with and he has grown to trust and accept her although he will only accept the odd stroke or chin tickle, and gives the odd tail wag and has been known to give the odd kiss - a major achievement !!

He will be forever safe with SARR and although he can’t live the life that we had hoped for , he is living the life thats just for him and his happiness comes first