Spaniels in Foster Care

Our spaniels in foster care are currently being assessed and in some cases undergoing veterinary treatment.   

When they are ready to find their forever home we will move their details to the adoption page.

Some dogs may stay in long term foster care to continue with the ongoing veterinary care they require. 

Please help us reach our goal to continue to rescue and re-home as many dogs as possible.

Your generous support is what makes the difference to the plight of some very vulnerable spaniels.  

Each of our foster dogs will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed 
and  micro-chipped. 

Often our vet bills are very high. Each of our foster dogs have a support button if you would like to make a donation. 


Unfortunately we cannot take any enquiries until they have been moved to our Adopt a Spaniel page.

Since I formed Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-homing (non-profit organisation) in July 2015, so many spaniels have been given hope and a new life. Each and everyone of them holds a very special place in my heart and always will. Every Forever Home is special and perfect for the dogs.  Our foster carers are absolutely amazing and we couldn't do this without our fantastic volunteers

SARR Gives Hope, Love and Restores my Faith in the Human Race - Dawn Clough SARR Founder 

Dog Of The Month - TED

About Ted...he went into long term Foster in March 2020 ( due to ongoing health issues he wasn’t really adoptable ) 

Long term foster is where SARR basically covers all vet bills and anything else that the dog requires  for life. 

We do have “a few” spaniels in long term foster that require on going health care which take up a lot of our funds .

Ted had already had some health problems including chronic rhinitis.

Since he has been in foster we have tried various treatments for the rhinitis which have worked for short periods. Unfortunately in March this year he became acutely unwell and was hospitalised with pneumonia. He was treated with IV antibiotics and oxygen and seemed to recover. 

He then had a recurrence in July and again needed emergency admission for IV antibiotics and oxygen. 

He didn't seem to fully recover  this time and spent 4 weeks on oral antibiotics before relapsing last weekend, needing another emergency admission. 

We were told that without further investigations this was likely to continue to recur.

Then  the decision was made to take him to a specialist referral hospital where they were able to do numerous tests in the hope of identifying the underlying cause. Initial tests suggest aspiration pneumonia secondary to the rhinitis (basically because his nose is so blocked up he breathes through his mouth whilst eating and some of the food is inhaled into his lungs causing infection).

He is now on more aggressive treatment for the pneumonia and has started on other medication for the rhinitis to try and avoid this happening again. 

We are awaiting other test results but thankfully no malignancy has been found. The treatment may need to change once other results are back.

All of the vets and nurses have commented on what an incredibly stoic boy Ted has been. 

Some of the investigations have been very unpleasant (scopes up his nose etc) but he has been gentle and loving with all the staff, even rolling over for belly rubs once coming round from the anaesthetic.

He is back home now on multiple medications and will have to be nebulised for a while which he isn't too impressed with!

Obviously each time that Ted is left at the vet it does take it’s toll and when returning home it’s clear to see that he has lost weight and is depressed . 

He really is the most amazing brave boy 

The most recent bill from the specialist vet referral hospital is currently £6,233 plus the out of hours emergency visit which was £866.

If you would like to sponsor Ted going forward each month ( £1 would be amazing ) 

If you would like to make a donation towards Ted's vet fees, there is a 'Donate' button below or donations can be sent via Paypal (Paypal email: - For Paypal, please use the Friends and Family option. 

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Thank you so much in advance for any donation made - lots of love, from Ted :)