Daniel The Spaniel

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 The Adventures of Daniel The Spaniel

Daniel is starting his journey to John O' Groats on July 23rd. We are asking if there are any members in Cornwall around that date that could meet Dawn there (or close by) to take Daniel from her... the more people that come forward to help will make it much easier to move him around.. we are hoping members will have him for a few hours or a day or two then he moves to his next holiday home. All we ask is if you can take a photo or two. you don't have to take him anywhere fancy but he does like to get out..it's entirely up to you... If you are unable to transport him to his next destination all we ask is if you can get him to a train stain and we will organise his next destination for you. Daniel will have flyers promoting Spaniel Assist and some small collection boxes if anyone he meets wants to make a contribution then great! The purpose is to raise awareness of Spaniel Assist :)

Daniel will have his own fb page click on link above to join our fundraising page please. Where pictures and updates will be posted. 

Get involved and take Daniel the Spaniel who will be famous on a holiday or adventure. Let's spread the word about Spaniel Assist all through the UK and travelling the world! Yay!

Daniel says thank you very much on behalf of all the Spaniels In Need and Happy Anniversary to Dawn Clough Founder of Spaniel Assist mwah!! 

Help Us Help Some Very Vulnerable Spaniels - Thank You From the Bottom of our Paws