Snuffle Mats & Snuffle Balls

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 Suffle Mats & Snuffle Balls

Made for SARR By Jo Minter & Lynda Grubb

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Snuffle Mats and Balls In Soft Fleece 

For Beginners Just hide Some Treats into the mat, to make it more challenging for the dogs to find, place the treats under the Fleecy Folds allowing your dog to really Sniff them out.

                          Large Mat £15 each plus £2.95 pp.      Small mat £10 each plus £2.95 pp.

Keep your dog amused for hours 

It is really great! Well worth it and buying from Spaniel Assist obviously helps your funds. Charlie was a rescue (not through you) at 6.5 months  - I was his 4th home! Wouldn't be without him Wendy Bridges



 Rubber Backing  Size 54cm x 42cm 

Snuffle Mats Provide Endless Entertainment for Your Dog

Relieves boredom Relieves stress

Stimulates a dog's natural instinct to SNUFFLE : )

Ideal for pets on restricted exercise Or Just For Fun 

100% Proceeds to Spaniel Assist 

Helping Us Help Some More Very Vulnerable Spaniels

Thank You So Much For Supporting Spaniel Assist