Spaniels in Foster Care

Our spaniels in foster care are currently being assessed and in some cases undergoing treatment.   

When they are ready to find their forever home we will move their details to the adoption page.

Some dogs that are poorly are kept long term in foster and receive the veterinary care they require. 

Please Help Us Reach our Goal to continue to Rescue and Re-Home as many dogs as possible.

Your generous support is what makes the difference to the plight of some very vulnerable spaniels.  

Each of our foster dogs will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and  micro-chipped. 

Often our vet bills are very high. Each of our foster dogs have a support button if you would like to make a donation. 


Unfortunately we cannot take any enquiries until they have been moved to our Adopt a Spaniel page.

This page is updated weekly.

Dog Of The Month - BUDDY

Since I formed Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-homing (non-profit organisation) in July 2015, so many spaniels have been given hope and a new life. Each and everyone of them holds a very special place in my heart and always will. Every Forever Home is special and perfect for the dogs. The foster Carers are absolutely amazing and we couldn't do this without our fantastic volunteers

SARR Gives Hope, Love and Restores my Faith in the Human Race - Dawn Clough SARR Founder 


This is a plea to help towards Buddy.  


The diagnosi is steroid responsive meningitis!
Buddy is on zantac, bupacare, preds and gabapentin The current bill at £3000 and is going up daily as hospital fees and meds

He is Currently on strong painkillers for his discomfort in his tail which is believed to be imflammed tail/spinal disc.
Had xrays which didn't show much and his temperature is very high at 40.1 which is slowly coming down with iv fluids.

The Plan is to CT scan and possibly refer him to a specialist ( Willows )
Current bill at £800 and estimate CT SCAN cost is a further £1000. This is including discount
This is without any treatment or referral

Please Keep Baby Buddy in your thoughts for a good outcome
I am asking if anyone can help by donating towards these costs
Every little really helps
Thank you in advance

Please use the support button for Buddy..... thank you x

Hi my name is pretty Pippa if you would like to support me while in foster to help with my vet fees please click the support button to make a donation,Thank you! Woofs Pippa xx

Pippa has been quite poorly while in Foster and her vet fees reflect this :( 

If you could make a donation we would be so grateful 

Thank You from Pippa xxx

Hello my name is Penny, I am a show type cocker  8 years young. If you would like to make a donation towards my care while I am in foster in Northumberland please click my support button. I would be very grateful and happy. Thank you from the bottom of my paws Penny xx

Hi my name is Max, I am 5 years old. If you would like to support me while in foster to help with my vet fees please click my support button thank you very much!  xx