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All spaniels looking for a forever home are or will be neutered/spayed, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.  

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Name - Ivy
Age - 6 years
Spayed - yes
Vaccinations - 28/11/2018
Wormed - 29/10/2018
Flead - 29/10/2918
Microchipped - yes
Housetrained - yes
Lead waking - pulls at first then does settle
Recall - very good
Travelling - yes very good in the car

Ivy is a very obedient intelligent dog with a slight stubborn streak . An experienced owner Is needed or Ivy will run rings round you .She needs lots of exercise and attention , has done some agility which she was really good at . Ivy is not a boisterous dog and is calm in the house , she is an affectionate girl who loves companionship , walks and play .She needs to be kept calm and confident , all handling and communication with her must be kind and gentle . Ivy is willing to please and just needs the right home , where she needs to be handled with respect and given lots of patience.
She can misinterpret how you are handling her and react in fear expecting to be hurt in which case she does get very anxious .
She has been known to turn her head with her mouth open as if to snap , if she does this you would need to stay calm and ignore it , telling her off will only make her anxiety worse .
Her current foster just ignores this and reassures her or just walks away to remove the threat .This immediately reduces Ivy’s anxiety .
A calm home with no children will suit Ivy best .
No cats in the home either .

Below are some examples of what can trigger Ivy’s fears ....
She needs to be handled gently when in the shower or bring towel dried.
She will occasionally get scared if you hold her collar or put her lead on , so her current foster has taught her the word lead and uses it whenever the lead is put on or taken off .
Ivy responds well to praise , gets extremely upset of you tell her off
Ivy likes her own way and will push through the door in the house even if you don’t want her to go through . Ivy will pick up shoes or pieces of paper but will give back for a treat .

Below are what Ivy loves and enjoys
Human companionship
Lots of exercise
Lots of play
Not necessarily lots of strokes or cuddles but just a little
Warm safe quiet area for her bed
Quiet calm handling
Being trained to do something new .

Ivy will benefit as an only dog , she is currently with other dogs In foster but she can get jealous and will snap if they go near her foster mum.

If you are interested and would like more information and chat with Ivy’s current foster please pm me and I will put you in contact with her
The next step then would be a meet and greet if I felt that you could offer Ivy the stability and calm home that she needs .

West Yorkshire area

12 month old Blue
( the information below is from his foster )

Blue is a lovely natured dog. He has a lovely temperament, brilliant with our children, very gentle. He loves to play and loves lots of affection and attention. He is fully house trained. Sits, gives you his paw. We have had issues with blue and our own bitch Polly, but Polly is very territorial herself and this is where the issues are coming from, not blue. He is very good with other dogs. However, it is not fair on Blue to continue to live with us as Polly has not taken to him and neither is it fair on her as this was her home first and we’ve not had issues with her with our other bitch, we think it’s because he’s male. But as I’ve said, please do not mistake this as Blue being nasty because he isn’t, I think he’s just sticking up for himself against our dog being territorial. He is a really loving dog with people once he gets to know you, but he is extremely nervous and submissive to begin with, he is terrified of men at first but very quickly learns to trust and then gives lots of love. We are guessing from his reactions to men that he has possibly been hit or definitely shouted at in the past! Although he has learnt to trust the men he’s been in contact with since being in our care, he is still terrified of all other men and still nervous when he meets someone for the first time. However, there is no doubt, Blue is a very kind loving natured dog.

We have worked very hard with Blue on and off the lead and this is his only downfall, I think with ALOT of time and persistence blue would improve but unfortunately I work full time and my wife works part time with two children, two other spaniels and we are not able to put all our time into extensively training blue. We have tried as hard as we can but he would benefit living in a home where someone has maybe retired or has lots of spare time to train blue on his own without other dogs so he is not distracted or go to training classes. We have managed to get him to be slightly better on the lead as for weeks he was really pulling. He is now better on the lead and doesn’t pull as much. He recall is terrible when on walks. In the house when playing he will fetch toys and bring them back on demand, outside or in fields, he absolutely will not come back to his name or listen. It’s almost as though he doesn’t hear you he completely goes into his own zone as he’s that excited to be off the lead that we have to be very clever to attempt to get him back on lead to go home. Whilst off the lead he also barks the whole time with excitement which will also need working on. However, on the lead he isn’t to bad but work is still needed there.

Blues only other downfall that needs work is he does suffer with separation anxiety, sometimes when you leave the room he will howl until you come back in and doesn’t like to be left alone, other times he can be calmer and is ok when left, just depends what mood he’s in!

He really is a lovely dog but would definitely benefit from a home where he has someone who doesn’t have a very busy lifestyle and who has lots of time to work with him and completely start from scratch as though he was a puppy .

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Foster location HR6