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All spaniels looking for a forever home are or will be neutered/spayed, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.  

If you are interested in adopting any of the Spaniels below please go to the 'Foster/Adopt/Volunteer' page and complete our  Volunteer form, telling us which dog you are interested in within the last field.  We will then contact you to arrange a home-check. 

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Hi my name is Mickey(16 month old spaniel cross ) I’ve been in foster with auntie Kim for 6 weeks to be assessed. She took me in urgently because I was said to suffer from severe pro-possessive aggression and was told I was a danger and had to be fed in the cage and being Overprotective with my toys. I was actually booked in to be euthanised until someone advised my owner to contact Dawn Clough ( they hadn’t realised that there was organisations such as SARR )

As an emergency I was taken to auntie Kims who I have grown to love very much she doesn’t feed me in a cage and I don’t react around food , she has even taken a bone off me that I found in her field. She takes my toys and any bits of plastic I like to pick up as she thinks I am a schnoodle and like to get into mischief.

I am a very noisy I like to bark when I’m playing I get so excited I can’t help myself.

I do need some training my Recall isn’t very good I don’t listen to you if I can get away with it. I am getting much better. I can be let off the lead I won’t run off I even get into the van when asked.
I have not been with children for long periods during my assessment so no children in the home is advisable .

I do need someone that understands a little bit about my personality and knows how to manage me if I get a little bit possessive.

I would like to live in a house with another dog as I love playing, I sleep in a crate but I make a lot of noise in the morning to get out but auntie Kim won’t let me out until I am sat quietly, I am learning every day. I have grain free food and I like raw meat but I’m happy with pilchards or some fish mixed with my dry food as It’s very boring.

Most importantly I am a very loving happy boy without a bad bond in my body and I like nothing more than sitting having a cuddle on the settee or running round the fields playing with my best friends.

Location Derby
Meet and greets are essential and adoption donation applies .

Please pm Dawn Clough if you feel that you can offer me my Forever Loving Home and she will arrange a chat with Mickeys foster mum .

Beautiful Willow sadly will have to come back to SARR , her adopted family are devastated and have tried so hard to make this work , she is loved very much and this decision certainly hasn’t been taken lightly .
They have written a very truthful assessment below and are happy to answer any questions .

Wild Willow - that what she became the moment she came through our door and turned our world upside down .
Willow came to us a foster dog and we never let her go as her wild ways fitted in with our wild family .
However Willow didn’t always see eye to eye with our resident cocker spaniel .
She’s been with us for 20 months now and over this time her behaviour has improved so much .
She no longer sits on the dinning table , she waits to go out through doors .
The only thing that’s not improved is her relationship with our cocker spaniel which has deteriorated into them fighting . We’ve tried everything including our dog moving out for a month .
Once she was gone Willow was a much better relaxed dog , there was no guarding and possessiveness but once our dog returned it all started again .
So we think as an only dog would be the best place for her to be . We are trying to think what is best for her and it’s not living with our dog where she feels the need to guard food and people

Positives of having a wild Willow in your family :-

She is house trained , sleeps well , travels well , gives amazing cuddles and licks .
She is funny and has a fab character . She’s VERY clever and wants to please you .
She knows sit , stay , paw , other paw , both paws , wait . She’s really good a balancing a treat on her nose till you let her have it .
She loves swimming , tennis balls and rope style toys .
She eats from a bowl that’s like a maze to slow her down as she loves her food .
She’s good with children .

She chases flies so no worry of them in the summer

The not so good bits :-

She doesn’t like cats , we have a bunny and guniea pig that live outside she would like to get to know them better as in she’s very interested but in a “ you look like a snack “ sort of way .
She pulls like a steam train , we’ve tried a harness , long lead and figure eight .
Her recall isn’t great especially if there’s a cat , water , bird , football , other dog around .

As above she doesn’t get on with our dog . On walks she is very picky some dogs she’s happy to say hello to others she just takes an instant dislike to .
When she first arrived she chewed everything but this has not happened in the past twelve months ( although the dining table will always bare her teeth marks ) .

If we go out we leave the radio on for her and leave her with a bone / chew .

She is wormed and flea’d upto date and vaccinations are fully to up date . She’s had the kennel cough booster too .
We’ve never put her in kennels as we believe before she came to us she spent a lot of time in a garage and were worried kennels maybe too stressful for her .

Willow is an amazing dog and without the stress of feeling like she needs to guard her possessions , bed , food and her favourite family members against our dog she will be even better . We will miss her terribly and our house won’t be the same without her but have to admit once and for all that her and our dog aren’t ever going to be friends and put them both first not our feelings She doesn’t like men with high vis jackets and motorbikes .

She can cower at loud noises.

Location Bury BL9


I am looking for a family that will love and care for me but give me time to settle and adjust in my new home as I can be a little unsure when first meeting some people and will bark and back away .
My name is Bruno and I am a neutered 20 month old Male Sprocker .
A lady called Dawn Clough collected me from my previous family and she thinks that I was in the wrong environment for a boy with my energy levels .
She took me to my foster mum and I was very timid and unsure but since I have been in foster I have come on in leaps and bounds and I think my foster mum and dad are very proud of me
I did live with a young child in my previous home but they kept me in a crate as they said I was too bouncy ( for goodness sake I’m a Spaniel )
I’m not an aggressive boy and once you get to know me I am very loving indeed .
I hadn’t had much socialisation with other dogs but I’m currently in foster with a 4 year old neutered Male and we play fight constantly and get on well together although I would really be happier as an only dog as I’m still learning boudries with other dogs .
I am happy to go in a crate for short periods but I don’t want to go back to spending hours alone in a crate
I have been left up to four hours in foster but not in the crate.
Ok now I need to let you know that my lead waking isn’t the best and my recall is hit and miss so you will need to be prepared to put the work in please .
I did have a bad start in life so this is what I have to offer and what I ask in return ......
I will give lots and lots of love and want the same in return , I need time to be a Spaniel and learn how to play and in return I will be loyal and a great companion . I enjoy being around people and my ideal home would be as an only dog as long as my needs are met .
I want this to be my Forever and ever home so only apply if you are prepared to put the time and effort into helping me to become the boy that I deserve to be .
Waiting in anticipation love from Bruno xx

Meet and greet Norfolk area and adoption donation applies .

Please pm Dawn Clough to arrange a chat with Bruno’s foster mum .

Homecheck can be arranged for the right home
The link to register is below .

My name is Dolly and sadly I have been looking for my own home for nearly 2 years , I feel very sad and lost as no one has offered to give me a chance.
Aunty Dawn has asked me to write a little about myself to see if anyone can offer me a forever foster home , so here goes .....
I am a very special girl and I have Cushings disease which makes me a little incontinent - but this is manageable with some tablets in my food ( I leave them sometimes so my foster mum has to give me another special treat to eat them which suits me just fine ). I have to spend a few hours at the vets every 3 months, where they take some of my blood and test it - whatever that is but they are really nice and give me some biscuits whilst I,m there so that makes it worth while .
The vet is very pleased with how I,m doing with my meds so that’s good progress .
I,m very fussy when I go somewhere new and do need time to settle and adjust , infact my foster mum calls me Dolly Fussy Knickers, she,s very cheeky .
Once I feel secure, I do start to relax, and enjoy my belly to be tickled and will fall over backwards if not careful so you can tickle my belly for longer .
I really don,t like fireworks and get quite worried, but I,m getting better.
I enjoy my walks and do like to climb up on a tree if possible - I do pull on my harness, but if I,m on a longer lead, I,m happier but don,t EVER let me off though, as foster mum says it affects my hearing ,well, I don,t and won,t come back when I,m called, she thinks if I go off my lead I go deaf!!
Selective Spaniel hearing .
My party trick is to open door handles and I can do bolts too, I,m very clever and extremely intelligent although I say it myself
I would preferably like a home with no other dogs, no cats and no men, but I may put up with a very quiet one.
When I go somewhere new, I like to run everywhere to see if I can escape - I,m good at this, but if I can,t escape anywhere and the garden is secure then I will relax and then feel secure.
My foster mummy does love me and often tells me that there is someone special out there waiting for me , but because I can,t get on with other dogs, she wants to find me a really loving home on my own. I would so love a home to call my own now as I keep seeing lots of spaniels finding their perfect homes but it’s never me
I am a sweet, gentle, small spaniel. I don,t bite humans, like my toys, love a bone - I do have the odd accident, but I,m sure when you meet me, you,ll forgive all my quirks and love me for the happy, cheeky, fun loving Dolly I am . Hope Aunty Dawn likes my letter to you all, love Dolly

Ps please please give me a chance so that I can finally feel wanted and loved and spend the rest of my life In my own home .

Current location Neath Swansea

Please pm me if you feel that you can offer Dolly the home that she truly deserves .

Hello there my name is Rosie , I am currently in foster and ready to find my Forever Home .
I am 7 years old and have been spayed and my vaccinations are up to date .
I found myself in a foster home due to the fact that I am a very anxious and nervous girl and do react in certain situations . I am not fond or confident with other dogs and I do take a while to be confident around new people , but once I have built a bond with you I am a lovable and affectionate girl .
My previous family had to give me up as I was attacking the other female in our home ( due to jealousy ) and because she was blind she was bumping into me making matters worse
In light of this I will need a dog free Forever home where I will be given lots of time , patience and attention . Also no children please as I would find it a little too stressful and it would be harder for me to settle .
I do tend to be very nervous when meeting new people especially men , and I don’t appreciate people leaning towards me and will react by growling , this can be dealt with if you give me a treat .
I walk much better on a harness and my recall or so I’m told on a long lead is excellent , I do prefer to stay close when I’m out walking as this makes me feel secure .
I enjoy playing with a ball and don’t have any food aggression but if you give me a pigs ear I will guard it with my life
Can I just say that once I have settled and gained your trust I am the most loving and affectionate girl , you just need to bear with me . A calm home without lots of comings and goings would suit me the best , with people that are prepared to help me overcome my fears and anxieties and once I’m settled you really wouldn’t be disappointed
On a positive note I am a very good traveller and have no separation anxiety when left and am fit and healthy .
Help and advice can be given from a behaviourist if required .

Meet and greet ( Brighton BN1 ) and adoption donation of £250 applies .